how to stop procrastinating

Procrastination is the reason for all your misfortunes, all your failures and all your future failures.

If you do not do anything, NEVER will ever succeed in reaching your goals.

We all have goals, goals, dreams. If I ask you now: what is your dream? Think of at least one dream that you have not yet accomplished.

Why did not you accomplish it? Why have not you done anything to get there?

You will give me a lot of excuses: no time, work, kids, money blablabla

The real reason is that you have to procrastinate, you have handed over the next day. “Ah, not tonight, I’m tired. Ah, I have to rest this weekend. I am a little sick. Damn it’s the holidays there and blablabla. ”

If you watch this video with the intention of stopping procrastinating, I ask you only one thing: Take the initiative now and say aloud: “I will do everything necessary to never again, I have said NEVER procrastinate. From now on, I will do today what I can do tomorrow. ”

Shout it, write it down, put it on computer and laptop wallpaper, on your fridge, everywhere!

Now that you are determined to change, I can give you the tool.

Step 1: Brainstorm your dreams
Go back to the mindset of a 5 year old and write down all your dreams, goals and goals on a sheet. This is not the time to be rational!

Step 2: Make a to-do list of outlines
Yes, but it seems that the to-do list is not the most precise technique for … ON ONE FIRST!

If you are a pro of time management and you do not even know what procrastination is, okay, we specify.

But in our case, we use simple, concrete and effective. Stop this video, take a paper, or Evernote on your computer or laptop and write down everything you need or want to do. In other words, write down the main lines to achieve this dream.

Step 3: Cut out the main lines in a few small steps
Take back your list.

Now you will cut out all the tasks into smaller pieces. But really tiny.

An example: You want to write a book.

Have a computer.
Have a text editor
Write a sentence
Write 10 sentences
Write 1 page
Write 10 pages
Write 100 pages
Write the first draft
Relire 1 page
Be extremely precise. We are in dumb and evil Taylorism!

Step 4: Schedule a deadline for each task
Retry your list again.

Now, you will put a deadline for each of the small tasks. To resume :

Have a computer before February 3rd.
Have a text editor before the …
And now, you’re not going to procrastinate! No I laugh. A lot of people do that and it is not enough.

Now we have to find a source of motivation to meet the deadlines.

Step 5: Punish yourself and reward yourself
You are too lazy to do what is necessary to achieve your goals.

Woaw, I hear so often people tell me they’re tired of having a boss behind their backs that dictates all they have to do.

But when they have the freedom to do whatever they want and when they want, they procrastinate and do nothing! That’s crazy !

So yes, in the beginning, treat yourself like an unruly kid. And how to do that?

Very simple. Now that you have your list, you make a copy and give it to your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, best friend, brother, sister, etc. And you give him a good sum of money. A sum that hurts you, for example 500 CHF.

You give her the following instruction, if she learns that you have not reached a target with the due date, she keeps the CHF 500 for her or in fact what she wants.

I promise you that the next procrastination will be painful!

The reward: for each due date you offer yourself a little pleasure. Nothing fantastic, but something that cheers you.

One last word
I promise you that if you apply this method to the letter and I have said to the letter, you are probably going to be poorer in the very short term, but you will definitely get rid of procrastination.

I can assure you that without this brake you will advance much faster. For the recipe for success is ultimately very simple: you have to start then finish. You will not find a person who has reached his or her goals that has not gone through this step, so do not hesitate and end up with this bad habit.

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